Marlijn Berendzen


Simon Lévelt

As many of us do, Marlijn grew up with cups of coffee and tea engrained into her daily rituals. It was when she started her career at Simon Lévelt in 2008 (thé Dutch retail address for specialty coffee and loose teas) that she really started to discover and enjoy the immense realm of tea. At 28, she now has accumulated over a decade of experience in the Amsterdam tea industry. After acquiring the Tea Sommelier degree at the International Tea and Coffee Academy in 2016, she started focusing her attention on educating fellow tea enthusiasts or businesses by giving workshops and seminars, as well as providing written content for online platforms such as Difford’s Guide NL. With a masters degree in Business, she is aiming to bring tea out of the shadows of coffee by introducing it to a wider public and demonstrating the wealth of possibilities still out there for retail and the catering industry to explore high quality teas.





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