Thank you for your interest in a being a volunteer for BevCon Los Angeles--August 19-21, 2018. Below are the details and the application process. 

We are looking to fill these positions with industry professionals as much as possible but it is not a requirement. You must be 21 and older to serve as a volunteer.

PLEASE ONLY MARK EVENTS AND TIMES YOU CAN DO! We will assume you can do all those checked so do not check those you are unable to do. 

PLEASE CHECK WHAT YOU CAN DO. We need to know what works best to place you. 

Thanks for your interest and please direct any questions or ideas to angel@bevcon.org.

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Days and Times Available *
We will assume you can work any and all days and times you check off. Only check off what you can work for certain.
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VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT I indicate my acknowledgement of being a volunteer for BevCon Los Angeles. It also confirms my understanding that my volunteer position is not guaranteed, nor if granted, guaranteed for any length of time and that BevCon may deny or end my volunteer opportunity at any time, for any reason, with or without prior notice. By submitting the Volunteer Registration Form, I agree to bear full responsibility and full liability for any and all damage or injury, which might result from volunteering at BevCon Los Angeles. I also releases and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the staff and directors of BevCon, Sipindipity, Cross & Dot, event sponsors and their insurance carriers from any and all claims, actions or damages without any limitation whatsoever, whether consisting of personal injury, property damage that results in any way from any act of the volunteer while attending or volunteering at BevCon Los Angeles. By checking this box, you confirm that all information provided in this form is true and authorized by you. Assignments are not guaranteed to applicants and you will be notified of selection. Space is extremely limited to some events.
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