Thank you again for agreeing to be an Official Presenter at the 2017 BevCon Charleston set for August 22-24, 2017 in Charleston, SC. We are gearing up for an amazing event and excited to have you a part!

As an Official Presenter for BevCon Charleston, you are confirmed to present on a specific topic at a set date/time to the attendees of the conference (sent to you via email).

We also ask that you participate in at least one other event. For some of you, that is another Learning Session, or a book signing. Bartenders can participate in parties and Pop-Ups and sommeliers can assist at the Onsite Bar or at a Pop-Up. Brands are asked to do either a Pop-Up, a party, or the Official Tasting Event. See below and be sure to check off which event(s) you want to be a part of.

We do want you to enjoy BevCon and your time in Charleston and do not want to overwork you at all! So sign up for what you are comfortable doing and if there are issues with your time, let me know.

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Brand Events
Check next to the events you are interested in participating in. There is a fee for those with ** by them. For those events with a fee, you are promoted as an Event Underwriter and receive additional marketing and exposure. Space is limited on all events.
Bartender Events
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Other Presenter Event Options
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Unless stated otherwise in your Letter of Agreement, BevCon Charleston retains the right to use your name, likeness, and endorsement in promoting and advertising the event. By agreeing below, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions as stated below by the 2017 BevCon Charleston. You are also accepting the stipend/benefits offered for the event.
Expenses – All other expenses, including meals, retail purchases, and hotel incidentals are your OWN responsibility. Cancellation Policy – Although cancellation may need to occur due to unforeseen circumstances, we would like to stress that the BevCon Charleston will be promoted through a variety of marketing efforts in advance, and we would like to avoid cancellation of all participants.  The event does not pay for travel cancellations.  We ask that if you have a bar/restaurant opening prior to or immediately following the event you inform us before sending back your agreement so that we may evaluate the chance of a potential cancellation and how it may affect the event.  Non-BevCon Appearances/Events – To avoid potential conflicts of interest with event, please seek pre-approval from the event prior to agreeing to make non-BevCon appearances during your visit.