Kristin Olszewski

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Kristin Olszewski got her start in wine while working in restaurants in San Francisco. Though she was busy completing a pre-med degree at Harvard, when applying to med schools she couldn’t deny her love of the vine and committed to the pursuit of palate.

She is a certified sommelier; currently on the sommelier team at Osteria Mozza where she works with a list of over 1500 Italian wines. She previously worked at Husk in Nashville, Straight Wharf in Nantucket and as Wine Director for F10 Creative in Palm Springs (Mr Lyons, Birba, Cheeky’s, Avalon Hotel). Kristin co-founded Nomadica Wine with Emma Toshack, in order to create a nomad-friendly, sustainable, high quality wine option.

In college she majored in sustainable agriculture and gender studies. She’s still passionate about working with high quality, small producers who focus on sustainable practices and biodynamic farming.





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