Dan Farber

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Osocalis Distillery

Daniel Farber is the founder and distiller of Osocalis Distillery, based in Soquel, California.

Osocalis produces classically nurtured, apple and grape American brandy distilled in traditional equipment with traditional methods. Osocalis’ brandies are non-chill filtered and are matured in 350 - 400 liter French oak barrels. Among other aspects of our production, our wood program is singular in that we control the entire wood lifecycle in France, from stave selection and stave aging to cooperage processes and barrel production. While we don't yet include some classic elements such as boises, we embrace the classic use of well-aged (aged for timescales approaching a century!) additions such as boise sugar syrup or caramel color. After all, what is champagne without dosage?

Daniel has been distilling since the early 1980’s and founded Osocalis in 1989 with the next generation in mind. He has distilled in France and was a distiller for Bonny Doon Vineyards from the mid-1990’s to 2003. Daniel is a graduate of Economic Organization of Cognac, Certification: Ecole de Dégustation, Wine and Spirits. where he studied under Master Pierre-Alain Gardrat. He continues to study traditions of wine and spirit production around the world. As an avid educator, Daniel maintains an active schedule of seminars on both brandy production and aging. He covers material from the classic regions of brandy production in Europe to modern techniques being practiced today in the New World.

Formally trained in geophysics, Daniel maintains an active research career in experimental geophysics and tectonophysics in addition to his role as founder and head of Osocalis. For decades he headed two laboratories, one at the National Laboratory at Livermore California and another at the Santa Cruz campus of the University of California. His research interests include the properties of materials at deep planetary conditions and the interactions of climate and tectonics in the mountain building process with emphasis on the Andes. And oh yes, he can drive a tractor.

Most recently, Daniel founded (est. 2014) and planted the first (to his knowledge) biodynamic vineyards and orchards in the United States, that are dedicated to growing grapes and apples for distillation. The property (30 acres of grapes and 30 acres of apples) is intended for Osocalis’ production, but also maintains a collection of rare heritage material from France and Spain. The first commercial fruit production that we will harvest here will begin in 2018.


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