Bartholomew Broadbent

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Broadbent Selections, Inc.

Bartholomew Broadbent founded Broadbent Selections, Inc in 1996. It represents the two most respected Portuguese wine producers, Casa Ferreirinha, who make the iconic Barca Velha, and Quinta do Crasto which brought Douro table wines to the world stage. They also import Ferreira Ports, Crasto Ports and Justino's Madeiras. He produces his own Broadbent Port, Madeira and Vinho Verde. Prior, Bartholomew started Premium Port Wines in 1985 for the Symington Family and was President until 1995, where he was credited for building the US Port market. In 1988, Bartholomew was responsible for re-introducing Madeira to the USA after the collapse of its market during Prohibition. Since 1988, years before his competitors started importing Madeira, Bartholomew has been building the Madeira market to what it is today, paving the way for others to join in! In addition to being a specialist in Portugal, Broadbent Selections imports other iconic wines, like Chateau Musar, Spy Valley, many of the greatest South African producers, in addition to outstanding family owned wineries from around the world.


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