Alvaro Alvarez


Alximia Winery

General Director & Winemaker at AlXimia Vino Elemental.
PhD in Mathematics, with a strong background in homebrew beer, in 2005 he starts the adventure in the world of Oenology and Viticulture with a family project that is based on the encounter of the senses and the world.
In 2008, the Alvarez family decides to start a winery where the family values are to be reflected: respect for the environment, rich tradition of teaching and research, and the generosity with knowledge are an essential part of every aspect of Alximia.
As a Scientist, Alvaro strives to understand, take advantage and conserve the soil, the plant, the fruit and what it can provide. This exploration has lead him to an Oenology with a–typical blends, based on those varietals that he considers appropriate for the specific conditions of Baja California.
With only 13 years of experience, Alvaro flows through the Oenological path manifesting a free and existential daring together with a structured and exact scientific thought.


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