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The Other Half of the Battle: Moving from Knowledge to Mastery

  • The LINE Hotel 3515 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90010 United States (map)


The LINE Hotel, Ballroom 1

Underwritten by WSET


Certain pieces of knowledge mark a milestone for folks learning about a specific topic. For wine, this may be the knowledge that grapes used to make Champagne are chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier. Facts like this are true, and important. Yet, it's insufficient to stop here, or to continue merely memorizing and restating facts about Champagne, be they names of sub-regions, vineyards, processes, etc. What does this information tell you about Champagnes at market, what they will taste like, what implications there are for food pairing, cocktail usage, how might they vary from year to year, how combinations of grapes determine specific styles, and the implications of these combinations for the marketing of the brands using them?

Similarly, it's en vogue for enthusiasts to memorize as many mash bills as they can for popular spirit brands. But what portion of the style of the resulting whisk(e)y comes from the mash bill? What about quality? What is each grain's role in the process, and what effect does it have on the final product? What are the implications for various cocktails using the spirit?
This multi-topic session covers the transition from simply knowing facts to confident understanding and showing “mastery," including a tasting of and deep dive into a few products.


  • David Rudman, WSET
  • Antony Moss, MW, DipWSET
  • Rob McCaughey, WSET
  • David Wrigley, MW, DipWSET
Earlier Event: August 21
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